I made a sokoban puzzle!

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📦🫷LLPokoban, the LLP sokoban


I’ve been obsessed with sokoban (倉庫番) puzzles recently and thought I’d have a go at making one of my own. The game was made on the excellent Puzzle Script website, where you can program your own sokoban-style puzzle game, too. Give it a go, and let me know what you make!

The design of my game is based on the LLP logo:


You have to move the L L and P “boxes” into the correct positions.

👉 You can play the game here! 👈

Do let me know your thoughts! (Leave a comment, or send me an email here 📧)

Some other excellent sokoban games you should try, too:



  • Void Stranger – This is one I’m currently playing.
  • Lab cat – A wonderful sokoban game with portals and lasers! This one started my current obsession. Really worth a play. Mobile friendly, and free!
  • Baba is You – The modern sokoban masterpiece. Hempuli has also created a bunch of free, web-based, experimental sokoban games on Itch, too! You can find them here.

Ones I’ve not played yet, but mean to: