KEI-GO! devlog 2

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Table of Contents

Box art ideas

The game β€œworks.” It has been playtested with Japanese language learners and Japanese university students. It’s fun, and, as hoped, promotes the acquisition of Japanese polite language use[^1]. We’re working on getting it published by the end of March, but as part of the process we must also think about the box art.

A simple way to think about this is to look around at what already is being sold in shops, and dropping our mock up alongside them to see how it matches up. Take a look, and let me know which one you like the most!

Mock ups:

alt_text One of our colorful options

alt_text B&W design, on the shelf!

alt_text Color design, on the shelf!

[^1] Though, I still need to conduct an actual study on this. That can wait though. We need to finalize the design and get it published first!